HMS King George V – Part 1

I started working on this model of the British battleship HMS King George V way back in 2004. To be fair, I considered it finished, excluding textures, sometime in 2006. However, I never quite did get around to making those textures! A mere nine years later, in October 2015, I decided to try and finish it. […]

Constellation-class (USS Stargazer) – Part 1

I’ve always had a bit of a soft-spot for this slightly ungainly kitbash design. It comes from an early Star Trek: TNG episode, representing Picard’s former command, the USS Stargazer. It seems like a long time ago that I started this one. Well, it was – back in 2011, in fact! I tend to work […]

Fresh Look!

It was high time for a change from the old site design – so here is something totally different! This is going to be much more free-flowing than before, and it’s also completely mobile-friendly. I’ll probably be tweaking things for a while. I’m not going to bother re-posting everything from the old version of the […]