Constellation-class (USS Stargazer) – Part 1

USS Stargazer
This is pretty much where I am with the exterior

I’ve always had a bit of a soft-spot for this slightly ungainly kitbash design. It comes from an early Star Trek: TNG episode, representing Picard’s former command, the USS Stargazer. It seems like a long time ago that I started this one. Well, it was – back in 2011, in fact! I tend to work on this only quite sporadically. Most recently, I have focused on some interior corridor sets.

Exterior Details

This design has a lot of surface detailing for a Federation starship. All these greeblies etc are usually reserved for alien ships – I guess this is part of its appeal. I haven’t deviated from the original model here. Stargazer’s aft bulkhead is the only area of the ship that was poorly covered by reference photos, but the HD remastering of TNG provided there. With this project, I changed my approach to these WIP renders. Now, I like to make them each look as complete as I can. It helps with the materials work (even if there are no maps yet), and it’s all part of the project anyway, so no sense in leaving it until the end.

Interior Work

This ship has a huge door in the front. I have presumed this to be a shuttlebay, and so began work on a design for that space. I decided that there would be a couple of corridors coming off the shuttlebay heading into the ship, and proceeded to get completely carried away fleshing that out. Since the exterior design is basically parts of a refit Constitution class reassembled in a weird way, I chose to base the interiors on a revised version of those seen in The Wrath of Khan. The extensive use of shiny bare or lacquered metal in these corridors makes for some pretty lengthy render times! But I like them, so they are staying.

That’s it for now. Next time around, I’ll probably have the exterior finished up.

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