Jun 22 2011

Agamemnon in print

I keep forgetting to mention it, but I produced a special render of HMS Agamemnon last year, which features in the book Turtle: David Bushnell's Revolutionary Vessel by Roy R. Manstan and Frederic J. Frese. Agamemnon is standing in for HMS Eagle, which was famously targeted in an unsuccessful attack by the prototype American submarine in 1776.

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Jun 18 2011

McLaren MP4/8 crosses the finishing line!

The McLaren is finished! I have just uploaded the final shots of the car, now shod with tyres—both slicks and wets. I started it way back in 2005, and then abandoned it for ages because it was not really looking good enough (understatement!) Then, after Some Time, I improved my skills a bit, and then pretty much started it from scratch again, with only the core of the engine being carried over. And now it is done, which is as well because it was dragging on for far too long!

I plan to produce some images with it at some stage, which is quite unlike me—but until then it will get some much needed rest.

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Jun 2 2011

Motoring on

Well, the McLaren is on the home straight now, with just the front wing and wheels to do... I guess it will soon be time to think about what to do for the next project! Whatever it is, it will not be quite as mad as the MP4/8. Probably.

I say that every time, and I still manage to end up doing something just as over the top. I will probably take some time out to fix some of the issues I have noticed on the site, though.

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Jul 7 2010

Long time coming

A very long time indeed! Almost two years ago I first started thinking about re-developing this site. Since then, off and on, I have been working on rebuilding it. It isn't finished yet, either!

I have finally managed to get it to the stage where it is suitable for inflicting upon the world however, so here it is. There are several features I still have to add, and a few others could probably use some further refinements; the graphics are not necessarily final either, particularly the banner across the tops of the pages.

From the point of view of how things are presented, nothing has really changed, although I have included some categories for the projects and gallery images. (I might even have enough in those sections one day to make that worthwhile!) Behind the scenes, everything is totally different, and it means it will now be much easier for me to make changes to the appearance of the site.

The ability to post comments - disabled over the last few months whilst I worked on data from the old database - has now been extended to everything - so you can post comments on an individual update in a project if you so wish. I always like to hear what people have to say about my work - good or bad - and I will be better at responding to your comments from now on!…[Read more]

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Jan 2 2009

Happy New Year again!

Yes, with only one post between last New Year and this, it really shows how time really does fly! As for 2009: will the redesign actually happen? Will I update the site with more work?! Will the Credit Crunch™ send the world hurtling back into the middle ages?!! If last year was anything to go by, this is not the place to find out! (But one never knows, of course...)

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Sep 2 2008

Changes in the air?

Well 2008 is screaming by, and nothing much has changed here. I may post some of the work I've been doing later in the year. I am also considering giving this place a new lick of paint! The site design was originally intended to be plain and simple to keep attention on the actual work, but I think ultimately it failed, and instead looks rather drab and dull... the physical layout and general structure of the site could use some attention as well, and so I shall be looking into redeveloping the site, time permitting. It's unlikely anything will be rolled out this year, but hopefully next year!

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Jan 11 2008

Happy New Year!

It has been quite a long time since last I spoke on the front page here - and now 2008 is upon us! Where does the time go? Well, some things never change - HMS King George V is still awaiting texturing (though I did make a start on that at last!), HMS Bellona has made no progress (and is likely to be restarted now)... and I have started another new project!

Well, not really a new project, but rather the next part of the same project started with HMS Captain. HMS Britannia is now under way - a 100-gun first rate - the first first-rate I have built! I only have lots more to do once she is complete! Captain is on hold for the time being, whilst other ships catch up to her level of completion. I have a few ideas to save some time in the later phases of construction which requires the pause.

Now, enjoy MMVIII!

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Jul 22 2007

What happened to those plans?!

I said I would texture KGV and then work on Bellona... and then I didn't?! Well, I did do some work on Bellona, but realised I had made a mistake interpreting the plans. It's probably not too bad, but I didn't have the time to carry on with her for a while after that, and so she has returned to the back burner for now... KGV unfortunately never left, but she will be textured eventually! Instead I have hit upon an interesting idea, which requires me to build a dozen different ships of the line! Just a quick side project, kind of thing - you know how it is! Anyway, HMS Captain is the first of them, and can be seen in the projects section.

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