Jul 7 2010

Long time coming

A very long time indeed! Almost two years ago I first started thinking about re-developing this site. Since then, off and on, I have been working on rebuilding it. It isn't finished yet, either!

I have finally managed to get it to the stage where it is suitable for inflicting upon the world however, so here it is. There are several features I still have to add, and a few others could probably use some further refinements; the graphics are not necessarily final either, particularly the banner across the tops of the pages.

From the point of view of how things are presented, nothing has really changed, although I have included some categories for the projects and gallery images. (I might even have enough in those sections one day to make that worthwhile!) Behind the scenes, everything is totally different, and it means it will now be much easier for me to make changes to the appearance of the site.

The ability to post comments - disabled over the last few months whilst I worked on data from the old database - has now been extended to everything - so you can post comments on an individual update in a project if you so wish. I always like to hear what people have to say about my work - good or bad - and I will be better at responding to your comments from now on!

I have tested things pretty thoroughly, though there are bound to be a few teething problems over the next couple of weeks. If you encounter anything weird I'd be grateful if you would drop me a note about it, and then I can get it fixed.

Looking over to the right... latest updates... 876 days ago?! I haven't actually been quite that lazy: I just haven't updated this site in a very long time. I'll be adding some of the work I have done in those 876 days over the coming days.

Let me know what you think of the new look - even if you hate it! (though do please tell me why you hate it).

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