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HMS Victory is perhaps one of the most famous ships in the world. She was laid down at Chatham in 1756, and finally launched in 1765. She saw action in several major fleet actions, the most famous of which being the Battle of Trafalgar, where she served under the command of Captain Hardy as Nelson's flagship. Her active career continued well after Trafalgar, but eventually she ended up performing duties such as guard ship in Portsmouth harbour. She was eventually taken into dry dock, and has remained there ever since - and she is now restored to her Trafalgar appearance.

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Apr 20 2007

#1   Paul says: 14h02:33

I have just updated this with a whole load of new photos - most of which are internal ones. I went down to Portsmouth yesterday to give the new camera a proper try out, and was pleasantly surprised to discover they had lifted their ban on photography inside the ship.


Aug 12 2007

#2   Donald Pryde says: 17h48:37

Great site, I am unable to get to Victory in person but this helps immensely with the model I am attempting to build.
Many thanks for your generosity.


Dec 27 2007

#3   Porter says: 14h27:34

Great pictures of a great ship. I thank you very much indeed for posting these high-res images!


Jul 25 2008

#4   Jukka says: 20h04:54

Thank you for the inside pictures.
I Was there about 10 years ago and it was before digital camera decade and there was indeed ban for inside photography so I dont got much pictures then.
Thanks also another galleries.
My trip in England was mainly for Victory and cruiser Belfast , but the Warrior was also great. And you Britons have exellent museums indeed.


Jul 29 2009

#5   Andrew says: 14h20:53

The best ship I've ever seen. Amazing pictures of the most famouse ship!!! Thanks for the pictures.


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