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Apr 20 2007

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One of the rooms forward on the lower gun deck. This one is the bosun's store room.

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Jun 12 2011

#1   Dieter Füssenich says: 23h56:17

Dear Mr. Dobson,

my congratulations for your excellent fotos from inside the decks of H.M.S. Victory.
I am a German self-made-painter of historic ships, especially sailing ships and modelmaker.
I´m now working on my own website concerning my paintings and on the other hand, concerning the few remaining or re-existing (by authentic replicas) historic ships all over the world, just like H. M.S. VICTORY, U.S.S. CONSTITUTION, BATAVIA, SEVEN PROVINCES an so on.
For my presentation of H.M.S. VICTORY I want to present one of your really excellent fotos from the decks of H.M.S. VICTORY, als follows: f. e.:
The fotos of the hold and
the foot of the chain pump around the step of mainmast,
the fotos of the carpenters and bosons store on the orlopdeck
a.s. o.

My intention is, to give an explaining to each foto, what it shows, how the part shown worked or for which purpose the showed part of the ships "machinery" was used, f. e. the capstans.

For this purpose I need your friendly permission for using your fotos on my website. Be insured that I will citate each fotos source - just like in a scientists work.
My profession is librarian an it´s my professional ethos to give the correct citation order for each part of my work orginating from a foreign copyright.
There will be a special catalogue of pictures and citations included in my website, where each source of pictures used, will be given!

I would be very grateful receiving your permission for using your fotos!

Yours sincerely
Dieter Fuessenich
Peter-May-Str. 130
50374 Erftstadt


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