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Jul 4 2005

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I decided that it was about time I worked on producing a realistic Earth. This is the first result of that effort. Some things I like - the clouds, for instance, but other things do not look at all right to me. This is something that will likely go on being revised for a very long time to come!

Additionally, this render makes use of my Flooded Earth map, where I raised the sea level by several metres in an attempt to simulate the effect of the ice caps melting to some degree.

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Oct 12 2006

#1   Spankybus says: 16h45:21

Nice! Check out my Photorealistic Earth as well at my homepage www.spankybus.com. there should be a link to its pic on my front page, as seen in CGTalks 3d Gallery


May 23 2007

#2   PHILEMON says: 03h07:18



Sep 26 2012

#3   Kenji says: 22h18:28

Good question. Does it sound like a Thomas Hardy novel?Wait he's English. I supsect English east coast literature would have a slightly different basic story-line. But I may very well be wrong.


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