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Feb 2 2010

Update Information

More work done! I'm really getting into this one now - much more so than the first time around. I have completed the rear suspension, and on the way to this stage I rebuilt the uprights, which again were modelled based on what is in the Tamiya kit, but staring at photos eventually made me decide that they should look more like this. It is amazing how little you can make out of the shape from the references—what is even more amazing is that no matter how many photos you have of something, you never have the one you really want!

Still, I think I've made the best job of those I can, and when the wheels eventually go on, you won't really be able to see them (as with the real car, obviously—hence my difficulties).

When I came to add the Brembo logo to the calliper bodies, I could see that it is different from the current one they use, and it took a while to find something showing the old font clearly. In the end I had to manually adjust the most suitable font I could find—they are modelled in, of course.

The bell cranks are now smaller, and the Bilstein active dampers are in place.

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