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Jun 18 2011

Update Information

I didn't much like the weird up-lighting effect I was getting from the dull floor, so I have made a few tweaks. I had some weird thing going on with the sky dome map which was creating a lot of the up-lighting effect - that is now fixed, but there is also a slight issue with cinema's reflection blurring that drags light around unnaturally, and you can just see that still on the front tyre.

I also just toned down the strength of the normal map that is applied to the tyres as it wasn't quite what I had in mind anyway, and fiddled with the reflection settings a bit. I think it is an improvement, if subtle. Also noticed the tread material on the rear tyre was still the same width as on the fronts, so was applied over a narrower band in the middle, so that is fixed as well.

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